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Carpet Cleaning

The best way to clean carpets is steam cleaning. This can also be called “Hot Water Extraction”. This process involves spraying a solution onto the carpet to break down stubborn dirt and surface tension in the carpet, this is followed by a process of adding hot water and then wet vacuuming to remove dirt and excess water from the carpet. Most domestic carpet cleaning bookings take 1 to 2 hrs to complete and should be dry within 4-6 hrs depending on carpet fibers and air movement.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning tile and grout is a similar process to carpet cleaning. Tiles are pre-sprayed with a heavy-duty solution, and then steam cleaned with a specialized tile wand using 1000+ PSI of pressure to break down dirt, grease, and bacteria. Tile and grout cleaning generally takes 2 to 3 hrs in most homes, tiles are generally touch dry and ready to be used within 30 minutes of completion.

Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning

Cleaning upholstery and mattresses removes the oils and dirt built up through regular use. We do this by using a pleasant smelling solution sprayed on the upholstery or a mattress to break down the oils and dirt. It’s then steam cleaned with low pressure and hot water and then vacuumed to remove the dirt and excess moisture.

Flood Damage Restoration

Flooded carpets can be a disaster if they’re not attended to by a professional cleaner. Ideally, a severely flooded carpet should be extracted within 48hrs. Then an air mover and dehumidifiers are placed around the wet areas to reduce drying times. We also use an antimicrobial disinfectant to remove as many microorganisms as possible, preventing nasty odors from developing. Flooded carpets generally take 3 or 4 days to completely dry, as the carpet, underlay, and subfloor all require cleaning and drying.

How do I book?​

Give us a call
We will ask you a few questions about how many rooms you need cleaning, the condition of your floors or carpets, whether you have pets, and if there's any damage.
We give you a quote
We give you a customised quote specifically for your needs.
Book in
If you're happy with the quote we book you in there and then and a time and day thats convenient for you. There is no upfront payment required. And no obligation.
We clean
Most domestic carpet cleaning bookings take 1 to 2 hrs to complete. Many clients stay and watch the process. But if you need to pop out that works too.
Enjoy your freshly cleaned home
All done! You can now pay with cash or transfer. And most carpets are dry and ready to use in just 4-6 hours. If you loved our service we would really appreciate a review. 
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I'm ready to book!

The easiest way to book is to give us a call on 0425 857 026. Unable to call right now? Drop us a message and we will call you back later.